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Support for low-income families who have a sick person or people with disabilities at home

Main program

Cama de hospital y grua elevapacientes

Medical equipment loan

The medical equipment loan is a program that supports people convalescing at home, providing the necessary medical equipment for their convalescence and speedy recovery. 

There is no cost and it is for an indefinite period, until the family considers its return. 

We have loans from:

  • Hospital beds
  • Wheelchair
  • Patient lift crane
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Secretion aspirator
  • Comfortable
  • Walking stick

Additional programs

A bimonthly donation of 120 diapers is provided to families in vulnerable situations who have a sick person at home.

Adult diaper donation program

A healing kit is provided to families caring for a person with a wound, pressure sore or diabetic foot. The donation includes: antiseptic, gauze, bandages, among others.

Healing material and medical supplies donation program

We support immobilized patients or those dependent on a caregiver with transfers so that they attend their medical follow-ups.

Transport to consultations or therapies

¿Qué pasa si brindo mi apoyo a Sana en Casa?

You guarantee that one or more families have what is necessary to treat wounds at home.

You help one or more sick or disabled people receive the medical equipment they need for their rest or speedy recovery at home.

You support a child or older adult having their monthly transfers to go to their appointments or therapies.

You support each person who is bedridden or dependent on a caregiver to obtain their diaper donation, reducing significant spending on families.

Free medical equipment for those who need it most

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