Donation Program for Healing Materials and Medical Supplies

Support for low-income families who have a sick person or a person with a disability at home

Donativo de material de curacion

Donation of Healing Material

The healing material program consists of providing a kit of gauze, bandages, medical tape, antiseptic and gloves, to families who care for a person suffering from pressure ulcers, diabetic foot or other types of wounds. 

In addition, we also support with medical supplies such as: colostomy bags, urine bags, probes, gastric buttons, etc.

This program seeks for the family to have what is necessary for the speedy recovery of the patient, without affecting the economy and family well-being.

Impact of healing material

A family is prevented from falling into a catastrophic situation due to expensive and constant spending.

People with pressure ulcers, diabetic foot or other injuries have access to medical supplies that they require on a daily basis.

People with injuries that require constant attention can have their dressings at home.

People convalescing at home have access to the right to health.

Application submission process

Collect all paperwork in original and not older than three months, which are: INE of the patient, INE of the person in charge, proof of address, proof of income and medical opinion.

Call 8136105446 or 8125691454 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Monday through Friday to submit an application. A socioeconomic study will be carried out. 

Send requirements, evidence of the home and the beneficiary via WhatsApp according to the indications that have been provided at the end of the interview.

"Thanks to the Sana en Casa institution that provided us with healing material. It was a great help for the process I was going through, emotionally and financially."
Lucio Cortines
Responsible family member
"Thank you very much for all the support in healing material to Sana en Casa".

Nancy Obregón
Responsible family member

Free medical equipment for those who need it most

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