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Programa de Transporte a consultas o terapias

Support for families in a state of vulnerability who have a sick person or a person with a disability at home.

Traslados a consultas

Transport to consultations or therapies

The transport program to consultations and/or therapies is aimed at low-income families who care for a sick or disabled person and who are totally dependent on a caregiver, and for this situation it is difficult to be able to transport them to their consultations or therapies for follow-up doctors.

Not having the necessary means to travel to their medical consultations affects the recovery of the holder, and for this reason, our organization supports transportation units such as Uber, special van, or ambulance at no cost.

Impact of transfers to consultations

A family is prevented from falling into a catastrophic situation due to high costs in transfers.

Access to health services, since these are not available to people who convalesce at home.

The holders continue with their medical follow-ups or therapies, which favors a speedy recovery or well-being.

Timely and professional medical care that promotes comprehensive development (cognitive, physical and emotional)

Application submission process

Collect all paperwork in original and not older than three months, which are: INE of the patient, INE of the person in charge, proof of address, proof of income and medical opinion.

Comunicarse por vía telefónica al 8136105446 en horario de 8:30 am a 2:00 de lunes a viernes para ingresar una solicitud. Se llevará a cabo un estudio socioeconómico. 

Send requirements, evidence of the home and the beneficiary via WhatsApp according to the indications that have been provided at the end of the interview.

What our beneficiaries say

"I am Melany's mother, today Sana en Casa supports us with transfers from García to the institute in San Pedro so that she can continue with her therapies"
Mamá de Melany Traslados a consultas
Yajaira Moreno
Titular de responsbilidad
"The transfers are a great help so that Edgar can continue to have medical care"

Mamá de Edgar Beneficiario de traslados
Norma González
Responsible family member

Free medical equipment for those who need it most

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