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Basic care for a person in a state of prostration

Caregivers of people in a state of prostration must ensure daily hygiene and dignified treatment to avoid as little discomfort as possible. Normally the caregivers are direct relatives, not health professionals, so they do not know care protocols, however, they do the best they can to care for a bedridden person.

In this article we tell you what are the main care to care for a person convalescing at home. 

Ulcer prevention

Due to the prolonged time a patient spends in bed, pressure ulcers can form. They are those wounds in the skin and underlying tissues caused by the decrease of blood. 

It is recommended to place the patient in different positions during the day, so as not to generate pressure on a single part of the body and prevent pressure ulcers from forming. 


Bedridden patients should consume foods rich in nutrients, tastes and preferences are taken into account, however, let's consult with the doctor what foods should be limited. 

It is necessary to ensure that the patient is seated or at a prudent elevation so that he can eat his food without effort. 

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Diaper change

These are the steps to follow to make a correct diaper change and not increase the effort on the part of the caregiver when performing this maneuver. 

  • Open the diaper completely, and leave it ready to put it on.
  • With the person face up, the adhesive strips are removed from the sides of the diaper.
  • Turn the person to the other side, so you can remove the dirty diaper.
  • Clean with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Dry the skin well.
  • Again, you have to turn the bedridden, as much as possible. Now it's time to tuck the new diaper under as much as possible.
  • Finally, the person is rotated to the face-up position to pull the diaper so that it can be removed centered. Place the side stickers.


Watch the following video for further understanding.

Information compiled at MIT Assistance in Madrid and IMSS in Mexico.

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