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Support to families in a state of vulnerability that you have a sick person or a person with a disability in their home

About Healthy Home

Healthy at Home had its beginnings in 2014, a group of friends that had always been active in social causes they decided to create a formal organization that could grow and touch the lives of many families. Having had the experience of having a sick at home and knowing how complicated it can be this situation for a family, was questioned as can a family that is already in a vulnerable situation facing a serious problem. This concern was born the social object of Healthy at Home; get our brothers who have lost their health and the people who dedicate their lives to caring for them have access to quality health services and exercise their right to health. It has been a road of hard work and learning, we started in 2015 and since then there has been a lot of growth that has allowed us to provide a comprehensive support to more and more families.

Friends and members of the Board of trustees of Healthy at Home that initiated the work of the organization.


Contribute to the exercise of the right to health of low-income families who have a sick person at home, with the purpose of protecting the social and economic welfare of the families as they face this difficult situation.


Getting to be a partnership with a solid organizational structure, recognized as the main promoter of the exercise of the right to health of the holders of the right convaleciendo at home. We'll work with strategic partners and a team of trained and committed that it will allow us to increase the number of rights holders active in our programs each year.






Continuous improvement


Healthy at Home is joined to the agenda 2030 for sustainable development, specifically Goal 3 on Health and well-being. Helps families nuevoleonesas in a vulnerable situation to provide a healthy life to those who suffer an illness or disability in its niche, family, as well as promoting the well-being of all without distinction through our different health programs.

Our approach

Our organization is governed under a Human Rights approach. It's important for us to recognize those who are the main agents of change for the free exercise of the right to health.

Holders of obligation

Are the State and its dependencies, who must respect, protect and guarantee human rights. Are the main actors in addressing the needs of the population.

Owners responsibility

They are directly responsible for the people who have lost their health and even their support network main, they correspond to guarantee the best quality of life to those who convalece at home.

Holders of the right

Is every human being as each one of us has the right to the enjoyment of human rights, without distinction of any kind. 

Team work

Get to know our team - we are committed and trained to meet the needs of our beneficiaries and help them through our various programs.

Sol Nereyda Cruz Sana en Casa

Lic Sun Cross

Director General

Karina Rodriguez Sana en Casa

Lic Karina Rodriguez

Programs coordinator

Alma Briones Sana en Casa

Lic Soul Briones

Transportation coordinator

Edna Gonzalez Sana en Casa

Lic Edna Gonzalez

Communication and public Relations

Jessica Hernandez Sana en Casa

Lic Jessica Hernandez


Free medical equipment for those who need it most

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