Help me heal at home

We support low income families who have a sick or disabled family member who is recovering at home

Silla de ruedas de traslado sin costo

SANA EN CASA is a charity association in Nuevo León, México. Its goal is to help low income families who have a sick or disabled family member at home.

Illness and accidents can be very difficult situations for low income families, not only for the family member who is suffering from illness, but also the rest of the family members who have to step in and support. These families go through very difficult situations: their healthcare expenses are increased, and often the breadwinner has to stop working to take care of their family, resulting in reduced income for the family. This scenario can be very difficult for a low income family.


Our objective is to bring much needed help to these families with our main support programs:

Medical equipment program: we loan (free of cost) medical equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, patient lift cranes and oxygen concentrators.

Medical equipment, loan at no cost for the beneficiary

Diaper donation program: we deliver 120 diapers bimonthly for patients that are bedridden

Adult diaper donations

Medical supply donation program: we deliver kits with gauze bandages, wound wraps, medical tape and other medical supplies.

Medical supply donations

Transportation assistance program: we provide transportation to doctor appointments, therapy in an ambulance, including special vehicles to accommodate for wheelchairs.

Assistance with transportation to medical appointments

Sana en Casa is active in Mexico, in the states of Nuevo Leon and Michoacan.

We help families in need reduce their expenses

We stay in touch with our beneficiaries and follow up to see if they qualify for another of our programs

We aim to provide comfort, rest and a fighting chance for recovery for patients at home

With your support, we will continue to be able to support assist families with medical equipment, supplies and help families get through difficult situations


Edgar España is a young man with cerebral palsy who is completely dependent on his mother. Currently he is a beneficiary of the medical equipment program, the diaper donation program and the transportation assistance program.

Help me heal at home

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